Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome To My Blog!

          "Greetings and welcome to an Andre's Eye'd View Of The World. Been asking myself for quite sometime now what is it that would make my blogs any more important than others. In the end I realized it wasn't any time for insecurity and decided to just go through with it anyway.         
        As far as some of my interests go,they will be discussed in in this blog. They include photography,science fiction,music (jazz,soul,funk,dance,classic rock and any combination in between) as well as different electronic gadgets,the occasional stuffed animal Well once and awhile on that last one.
      These will also come in the form of links to YouTube vlogs that I post every so often. These also extend on my ranges of interests as well. I will still continue my online life via YouTube and Facebook as well. And I fully intend to create more specific "bloggers" in the future on more specific issues. After all,with such a vast array of interests it's going to become a necessity sooner than later. But this is going to be my first. Enjoy!"


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