Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buffalo Bob's Ostrich Beef Jerky Reviewer For May 28'th,2012

                      Andre's Beef Jerky Review
       Realizing that I've been fairly neglectful of this blog for a bit here,I decided to post this YouTube video. Next month I intended to post more than just videos. I suppose after this blog was started I found myself putting more energy into my Doctor Who blog than anything else. So I decided to close out this month with just a little fun that I decided to have. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers Day Plus The Pros And Cons Of Attachment Parenting: Andre's Yout...

          Well I have to indirectly congratulate Time magazine with providing me with the template for my newest Youtube vlog. I would go into it a little bit more. But I have no intention of spoiling the video for anyone else.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Equality For The State Of Maine!

          I wanted to talk to you a little today about an organization called EqualityMaine. They were founded as the Maine Lesbian/Gay Alliance in 1984 following the murder of a homosexual man Charlie Howard in the town of Bangor Maine. Since then they have become one of many organizations across the country (and perhaps the world) that have began to use their grass roots level activism to champion the right for same sex marriage in the state of Maine. I am a very proud online volunteer for the organization. And I would like to take a little time to discuss some of my feelings on the issue of same sex marriage,in Maine in particular.

          First a personal history. In my adolescence there was this fairly obscure news story that became the subject of gossip locally. It involved a man in the rural part of the state seeking a marriage licence  between himself and his dog. I don't recall if he received the licence or not. But the issue was fully explored. When the issue of same sex marriage first arose years after this happened, I found it odd that so many religious organizations seemed far more resistant to that concept than they had been to that engagement between the man and his dog. Even today it's still very difficult for me to see what real life threat there is if two adult human beings wish to be wed.

          When I first became involved with EqualityMaine in 2009,I did some phone banking for them. After what little I did,it was surprising to learn how uninformed many were to what same sex marriage represented. So at the bottom of this posting I am placing a link to EqualityMaine for all to see. If your not from Maine,seek out similar organizations in your local area. I realize that with all that psychic numbing the modern society asks of us it's often hard to want to take on any important cause. Even just in a small way. But there is a meaningful slogan I can provide: pessimism is a cop out. It's important a person learns why our differences are important to our survival. So get up,get into it and get involved!

Welcome To My Blog!

          "Greetings and welcome to an Andre's Eye'd View Of The World. Been asking myself for quite sometime now what is it that would make my blogs any more important than others. In the end I realized it wasn't any time for insecurity and decided to just go through with it anyway.         
        As far as some of my interests go,they will be discussed in in this blog. They include photography,science fiction,music (jazz,soul,funk,dance,classic rock and any combination in between) as well as different electronic gadgets,the occasional stuffed animal Well once and awhile on that last one.
      These will also come in the form of links to YouTube vlogs that I post every so often. These also extend on my ranges of interests as well. I will still continue my online life via YouTube and Facebook as well. And I fully intend to create more specific "bloggers" in the future on more specific issues. After all,with such a vast array of interests it's going to become a necessity sooner than later. But this is going to be my first. Enjoy!"