Sunday, September 8, 2013

Man's Inhumanity To Woman,Child,Animal And Other Living Things

     It's been nearly a months time since I've written anything on this particular blog. The reasoning behind this is that there didn't seem to be much that could be offered into the conversational pool that hadn't already been said. Outside of writers block,that might be the other key motivating factor in people's inability to offer consistent prose to the public. That also goes into the idea that sometimes a person has so much to say,nothing is able to come out. Well it would seem the inspiration for translating these thoughts eloquently in this particular case came from a Facebook comment thread in which I participated in earlier. Likely there are elements that have been illustrated in other articles here. But for this occasion I'll blend new commentary with what was stated in that Facebook thread to make better sense of it all.

               When news broke out about tensions involving chemical weapons in Syria,memories of last years holiday tension revolving around the Sandy Hook school shooting immediately came to mind. Considering the general attitude of hostility around me-everywhere from in the grocery store to say,a receptionist at a doctors office it does seem important to reinforce a certain point with perhaps greater moral authority which many find all too easy to evoke through religious righteousness but very difficult to find within themselves. Personally,and in this situation it comes down to this: I don't approve of war or the military as it is,there is another way to handle this Syria issue and I don't blame President Obama at all.

                  The president is under enormous pressure from what the majority of people know to be a government with an prevalent Military Industrial back-round-which actually has resemblances to Stalinist Russia in many ways: a governing body who begins treating citizens badly for the sake of an idea. Many people still pledge allegiance to a flag in a militaristic manner. Many also rely on pure propaganda-insisting one side is right and the other is wrong. In the end both sides of a given conflict are doing the exact same thing. Differences in political organization and leadership not withstanding? Human beings may not all be alike culturally. But the majority of them deal with interpersonal and armed conflict in a very similar manner. 

             Some might even cynically argue its humanity's indignation about our social and religious ideologies that define our very character. Still facts are facts: the last war we engaged in as a nation resulted in America becoming a morally and socially decaying society. Almost everyone are aware things have to be changed. Yet they are often too locked down into unwieldy social attitudes-just about any "ism" you could name. Today society seems to function much like a schoolyard-bitterly divided into it's own separate schools. There' democracy,conservatism, libertarianism,socialism,humanism,atheism,totalitarianism,spiritualism. You'll find a plethora of them just about everywhere you go in fact. 

             Now there are sadistic dictators in places such as Syria who will do unconscionable things. What is difficult to understand is why so many aren't able to see this as a mere symptom of a much larger problem. We claim to protect other countries from such tyranny's as chemical warfare. But considering our repulsively prejudiced attitudes towards immigration, is it not ourselves we're really protecting? Are we in fact morally superior to the countries whose tyranny we rail out against? Basically its time for the American people to discontinue behaving like preadolescenct boys at recess-hitting and bullying each other over an inconsequential material object such as a toy or a baseball bat. 

              No governmental system that denies the soul can be. One cannot create the person by merely creating the environment. That is why Communism and fascism were inherently flawed. And why America themselves face similar flaws today. Perhaps it comes down to misunderstandings of the entire masculine ethic,and further more than the masculine ethic is what is pushing society forward. An observation was made to me earlier today that,generally,a man who is still a heavy substance abuser may be more likely to try to hide such behavior from his family. Where a man who has recovered and grown beyond such behaviors may discuss them more readily and with great candor. Since the President is a caring family man who clearly loves and cares for his children and future generations,it's appropriate he take a firmer stance against world militarism/totalitarianism and set a new course for America and the world away from tyranny-of any sort and any kind.


  1. I read through several of your posts, and I fully concur with the messages you're sending.
    The views you've expressed are undebatably true in their relevance to the society we live in today. You also have a way with words I really admire. The sentence "Many people still pledge allegiance to a flag in a militaristic manner." hit home to me in a way most ideas don't. In public school we all asked to chant about our loyalty to the country using words most of us don't even understand the meaning behind.

    1. I deeply appreciate your comment Skowl Fiction. It helped elevate my hopes greatly,as I am hoping at least some of these blogs will do for others. Hopelessness is really our nemesis I think. Leads to many believing that anyone trying to effect change are only doing so for their own greater glory. It's a cynical attitude based in negativism. Its appropriate everyone questions enforced militarism. But it's equally appropriate that such questions lead one to go forward in a direction of hope for humanity-it's present and future. Its gratifying that you (and hopefully others) do see these things. And I personally encourage you to stick with the habit.

  2. As advanced as we are, it's clear humanity isn't too far away from the stone age mentality. We have a long way to go, still. As far as Syria is concerned, I feel President Obama is being led by the nose by the corporate led right-wingers. He hasn't provided any real justification for getting involved with a civil war that doesn't threaten the Unites States. Our freedom isn't at stake here, but Obama and Sen. Kerry are trying to make it our business to slap down dictators who use chemical weapons. Strange how that notion didn't pop up during the 80's when Saddam attacked his own people with American made chemical weapons. And America itself used those dreadful weapons in Vietnam. Who slapped us down for that? No one. So what we are responding to in Syria has nothing to do with chemical weapons, but more to do with defending the interest of the oil and gas industry.

    A vast majority of the American population, Republicans and Democrats, are not buying the need to get involved with Syria. Since Assad is allied both with the Russian and Chinese governments, our actions could snowball into a major international conflict. This is something far more critical than what we did in Iraq. And I think President Obama needs to listen to the American people instead of what the House thinks or people in his own party. If he goes ahead with this strike, he risks going down in history as just another George W. Bush. No matter what accomplishments he gained in the past, the people will always remember any bad outcome that came from striking Syria.

    1. Well that is actually a more blunt way of stating what this blog is all about. I am glad there were two productive comments here today. Thank you Jeff.