Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day And Modern Children With Two Fathers

                What do you see when you look at this photo? These are not brothers, a father and grandfather or uncles or cousins. These men are both fathers,and these are their three children. This is a social concept that would've been unthinkable when even those of my generation were growing up. Thankfully we are likely the last American generation of homosexual men who will ever have to question whether or not we will be able to ever be parents. Personally I've never felt any particular desire to be fruitful and multiply. It is not based on selfishness of any sort, more on doubts about proficiency as a father figure to a young and growing human being. But this blog isn't about me. It's a tribute to all of the two fathers out there on this Fathers Day.

                 Until this time I have never actually known any same sex fathers before. But I have known a number of gay men who have kids and cherish them perhaps to an even more vital degree than heterosexual fathers. All of them were at one time (or are still in one case) married to a woman and have one or more special needs children-in both cases living with autism. Another that I know actually has a homosexual son of his own who is currently engaged to a man at present time. The other is a divorcee who is involved in a same sex relationship but has a grown daughter. These men alternately have a unique appreciation of fatherhood yet are alienating to other perspective male relationships having lied their way through a heterosexual one to produce children during a far less tolerant era.

                 Even though its been a quarter century since Heather Has Two Mommies was pulled out of America's public school's Rainbow curriculum, there has generally been somewhat more acceptance in society of two female parents as opposed to male ones. Many view all women has having a naturally sensation and maternal instinct that lends itself far better to child rearing. But in a time when even heterosexual men are playing the roles of stay at home fathers, that role reversal has helped open most people's hearts to same sex male parenting. While there is still a religious segment who will likely forever champion the idea that homosexuals are adopting children as a method of "recruitment" into what they view as a perverted lifestyle choice rather than a given, the fact that a recent yahoo! news story stating that the first confirmed studies that children from same sex families seem at present rather more tolerant and better adjusted in social life than some others tells a very different story that speaks for itself.


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