Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time For Living After The Boston Marathon Bombing: Opening The Emotional Wounds Of The American People

                      A controversial image appeared on the cover of Time magazine this week. This injured child with blood soaking his hair was one of the many wounded individuals who were present at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday morning. Two shrapnel filled bombs exploded there-killing three people all under the age of 30 and injuring at least 170 others. Four days later the investigation is only beginning to round of suspects. And already many rumors have began to spread. Two things are certain however. Many of the participants in the Marathon were raising money for Sandy Hook victims. And today members of the US senate voted against a proposed bill to increase back round checks on anyone purchasing fire arms. Personally its difficult for me not to see a connection between all of these things.

                    I have never been one to go with my generations zeitgeist for conspiracy theories and obsessions with opposite types of legends. And that has not changed. From the Colorado movie theater and Sandy Hook shootings last year to this incident at the Boston Marathon earlier this week there are signs that many Americans have became desperate, angry and even violent. Members of the inherently homophobic Westboro Baptist Church have already publicly announced that they place the entire blame for this tragedy in Boston on same sex marriage rights. We have a president who is doing all he can to try to get other politicians who have become psychically numb to fighting, killing and injustice to look for reasonable solutions to the social problems we've all denied. This being such a wonderful concept, why would anyone fear such positive progress?

                  The theory that I personally tend to agree with is that too many people have decided to fight against human nature. Over and over again, we've seen human nature evolve. Each generation, each moment of every day is a new learning experience many of us are perhaps not fully aware of. Yet between the creation mythology religion provides and our own emotional stubbornness, many people resist personal evolution. There was a period when I was growing up when there was an enormous sociological trend towards the philosophy that human beings were inherently predators-born to fight, hunt and kill for territory and food. And that no civilized society could totally amend these instincts. This resulted in unremittingly fatalistic and self destructive behavior. And these behavior patterns are firmly established in the hearts and minds of the young generation poised to run America in the next half century or so.

                      Good sense in ones thinking would say that back round checks on new gun owners would be a win/win situation. There would be less gun violence, and the mentally unstable would not have as easy an access to deadly weapons. However that element that resists personal evolution, those who are motivated mainly by fear and economy, seem intent on convincing the more enlightened individuals around them to without progress just to temporarily make them personally more comfortable. Its been a focal point in every single one of these tragedies created by human hands for as long as I can remember anyway. It seems appropriate that soon as human beings realize that a society based on inherent non violence might be their most physically and emotionally productive future, we'll have more time for living and less time for dying.

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